Naomi 4
Naomi 4
Naomi 4
Naomi 4

Naomi 4


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4W geometric wall light made from two joined hexagons.
Natural WhiteWarm White
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Naomi 4Waterproof
Naomi 4Integrated Light
Naomi 4Energy Efficient
Naomi 4Reversible Mounting
Formed by two joined hexagons, this fixture projects up and down light. Being waterproof and with rust and corrosion protection, this wall light is ideal for outdoor areas. For bigger spaces, same model at 8W is also available.

    Style Modern
    Body Colour Black / White
    Fixture Material Aluminium
    Diffuser Material Tempered glass
    Light Source LED
    Integrated Light Yes
    Lamp Power(W) 4W
    Emitting Light Colour Warm white (3000K) or Natural white (4000K)
    Lumens 360
    Beam Angle 30°
    Reversible Mounting Yes
    CRI 90
    Support Dimmer No
    IP Rating IP65
    Voltage 85-265V
    Body Dimensions 11cm width * 8cm height * 3.5cm depth
    Weight 213g
    Assembly Required No
    CE & ROHS Certified Yes

    Essential steps required when installing an outdoor wall light

    All of our outdoor wall lights are waterproof by design. To ensure that any outdoor fixture remains waterproof once installed, proper installation must be practiced, so it is important to show these additional installation steps to your installer. If the fixture is to be installed indoors, these additional steps are not required.

    Firstly, depending on the design, if the fixture comes with a rubber ring (or gasket), it is important that this ring is installed and installed correctly as this prevents any rain water flowing on your wall from entering the fixture at the edge of the back-plate of your fixture.


    Finally, once installation is complete, it is important to apply sealer at the top of the fixture between the wall and the fixture. This prevents any water from seeping either into the fixture from the hole where the cables are inserted or into your electrical system from the hole in the wall where the cables are protruding.