Slim Round 9W LED Panel
Slim Round 9W LED Panel
Slim Round 9W LED Panel
Slim Round 9W LED Panel
Slim Round 9W LED Panel
Slim Round 9W LED Panel

Slim Round 9W LED Panel



An easy-to-install modern recessed LED Panel.
Delivery: Within 1-3 business days.
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Slim Round 9W LED PanelEnergy Efficient
Slim Round 9W LED PanelHard Wired
The Round Recessed LED Panel is a clean and compact fixture that illuminates spaces with energy-efficient, glare-free lighting. Its low-profile silhouette includes a durable aluminum trim with tight-fitting clamps that tightly seal the panel to lay flush against the ceiling to seamlessly blend into its surroundings. A frosted lens nestled inside the trim filters its glow, creating a crisp beam of downward light available in either Cool White (6500K) or Warm White (3000K). This adaptable and easy-to-install fixture completes a modern lighting arrangement with ease.

    Light Source LED
    Lumens 810
    Wattage 9
    Light Color Temperature 3000K (Warm White), 4000K (Natural White) or 6500K (Cool White)
    Voltage 165-265V
    CRI 90
    Beam Angle 120°
    Material Aluminum with acrylic glass
    IP Rating IP20
    Startup Time Instant
    Dimensions 146x146x8MM
    Frame Width 20MM
    Cutting Hole 132-140MM
    RoHS Compliance Yes
    CE certified Yes

    Lighting Facts Per Bulb

    Brightness 810 lumens

    Energy Consumption 9 watts

    CFL (Energy Saver) Equivalent Consumption 15.0 watts

    Halogen Equivalent Consumption 75.0 watts

    Incandescent Equivalent Consumption 90.0 watts

    Estimated Yearly Energy Cost Calculator
    Based on hrs use per day at 13c/kWh,
    Yearly estimate electricity costs:

    What is color temperature?

    Color temperature is identified as the warmth or coolness of a light source and determines the color a light bulb emits. Warmer light colors give us a feeling of coziness and relaxation at a small cost of brightness. Cooler color temperatures provide more alertness and attention to fine detail and help us feel more aware, however can be more tiring after a couple of hours.

    Slim Round 9W LED Panel

    How Does This Affect Your Home?

    Choosing the right light color temperatures for your rooms can have a very lasting effect, both visually and mentally. Below you can find a short guide on common living areas and their suggested color temperatures. Of course nothing is set in stone and one can select based on their preferences and designs.

    Living Spaces – Living rooms, bedrooms, and reading rooms should all use warmer lighting. 2200K-3000K lamps will give facial features a softer look, and the warmer light offers a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

    Bathrooms – We don’t like to see the flaws in ourselves, but the bathroom mirror is where we want to be harshest about our looks. Use a 4500-6500K bulb around your bathroom mirror to highlight problem areas while shaving or adding makeup. It’s not pleasant, but if we look our best under the harshest lights, we’ll look even better under the softer tones of other lights. Just keep in mind that higher color temperatures will also show off dust and dirt more easily. Use a 2700K or 3000K bulb in the main overhead lamp to help the bathroom look cleaner (and also giving you a more relaxing light to bathe with).

    Closets – The light in the closet is important for choosing how we’ll look throughout the day. A 5500-7000K bulb is suggested here. The light is closer to what you’ll see while outside during the day and you’ll get a truer sense of how your clothing looks and works together under more natural lighting conditions.

    Kitchen – Lighting here is tricky and depends on personal preference. The cooler spectrum of light (anything over 4500K) helps us stay attentive and provides more attention to detail but can make the food look less appealing. Warmer light (below 3500K) provides a more relaxing atmosphere but provides less attention to detail.

    Garages – Anything over 4500K is suggested as this helps us stay attentive and alert.